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Turning Blanks on EBAY

Inlay examples using a drillpress

This page shows examples of inlays done with a drillpress. Instructions for drillpress inlays can be found on this page.


Bigleaf maple, holly and redheart woodturned bottle. The inlay in this bottle was made exactly the same way as the instruction page but made smaller.



I call this a ribbon vase. It is made with oak and colorwood. The inlay in this piece is done double. First it was inlaid with the colored inlay then inlayed again with a larger diameter inlay made of oak to match the vase. Notice you can't tell the oak inlay is even there. This is because 3 sides of it were cut off during the segmenting process. This makes the piece difficult to see how it is made.



This piece above was made the same way as the other ribbon vase except I made my own colorwood for this one. Again you can't see the 2nd inlay.



This piece above is a holly and bloodwood woodturned vase. In this piece I inlaid the inlay. When I split the ring I glued it back together inverted to form this pattern.



Bloodwood and holly woodturned bottle. This one was done by inlaying a second inlay to the left of the first inlay. The pattern on the neck was done by removing material from the center of the inlays



Quilted maple and bloodwood wooden bowl. This piece was inlaid double then split, turned and glued back together.

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