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Turning Blanks on EBAY

Triangles in a compound ring

for woodturners

In this article I'm going to show how to make the vertical triangles seen on the top of the woodturned vase below. I won't be showing any dimensions as all woodturnings are different.


 Woodturned Vase


To start you need to cut the triangles like the picture below. Only cut an angle on one side and leave the other side square. They can be any height you want but must be shorter than the board your putting them into. It's best to cut them all now as we will not move the blade angle after the triangles are cut.



Now that we have all the triangles the next step is to cut the board the triangles will be glued into. The picture below shows the board already cut. This is only one section of a long board. ALL THE CUTS IN THIS PROCESS ARE THE SAME ANGLE.

This is a bit time consuming if you only do one at a time because you have to wait for glue to dry each time. I found it's much better to use 3 or 4 boards at once.




Below the first triangle has been glued in place. Be sure to glue the angle side of the triangle and not the straight side.



Now you need to mark the other side of the triangle for the next cut.  I like to use a bevel set to the same angle. The photo below shows the cut completed. The board has been flipped but it doesn't have to be. I just like all the triangles with the flat side up.



Next glue the board back together. 



Repeat this process until you have enough for the desired amount of segments. Below I'm showing how to mark the piece for compound mitering. First I cut a sample segment out of scrap the same width. It has to be the same width or it won't work. Line up the short side of the sample with the triangle and mark both sides. I mark both sides but you really only need one. This way if I marked the wrong side the right side will be marked.




Cut the compound miter on that side. (The mark closest to the blade) Flip the board and with the big side of the sample mark for the second cut as shown below.



Cut the second side and you will have a segment like the picture below.



Glue your segments in two half circles, correct them and your done with the ring. There are other ways of doing this process but this way is fairly simple.

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